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Department of Pharmaceutics: Pharmaceutics is one of core subject in drug development or Dosage form designing. It develops students into formulation scientists who are playing an important role in Pharmaceutical Industry.

The department equipped with various equipments and machinery used in the preparation and packaging of various pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablet machine, capsule filling machine, ampoule filling and sealing machine, ointment filling and sealing machine, friabilator, DT test apparatus, DR test apparatus, Hand grinding mills, pH meter, water deionization unit, All glass water distillation assembly for sterile water manufacturing, ovens, percolators, suppository moulds, etc
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry is another integral disciple of Pharmacy syllabus. In this students will study chemistry of substance used in medicine/Drugs. Drugs are used in a medicine to treat illness, protect against disease or improve the health. The main branches of chemistry includes physical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic & Medicinal. Medicinal Chemistry: – Medicinal Chemistry is concerned with the study of structures and the synthesize of organic medicinal compounds, which may be used in medicine
Department of Pharmacognosy: Pharmacognosy is the science of drugs which are of biological origin. It includes plant source, animal source, mineral & microbial source. It also deals with study of standardization of medicinal plants & extraction, isolation, purification, characterization and identification of phytoconstituents therefore the Students will get an opportunity to learn the techniques. The programme will also provide knowledge of plant tissue culture techniques
Department of Pharmacology/Human Anatomy and Physiology: Pharmacology involves the discovery of new drugs, the investigation of how drugs work and the use of drugs to probe mechanisms of disease. Facilities of models and charts for human systems are installed and

haematological experiments are performed in this laboratory.


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