[Disciplinary Rules of SIBP]

SIBP students must observe and abide by the discipline rules prescribed by the University/Institute and he/she will submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Head of the Institution/Principal and other competent officers or authorities or bodies as the case may be and in this respect he/she has to submit the declaration. SIBP believes that without good discipline it would not be possible to win academic laurels.

1.  Any student found indulging in ragging (any kind of physical or mental harassment) will be EXPELLED from the University and could be handed over to police (Penalty: 2 years in prison as per Government rules)
2. Students indulging in eve teasing will be expelled.
3.  SMOKING/DRINKING/TOBACCO or GUTKHA is strictly is prohibited inside the campus / Hostels.
4.  No student shall be in possession of liquor, drugs or any intoxicating materials, nor would consume such things.
5.  Cleanliness of the campus is important. Students should throw the garbage only in the dust-bins provided and should not spit on the walls and floor. Students responsible for loss of damage of the institute property will be severely punished.
6.  Use of helmets mandatory is for everyone who rides a two-wheeler to and from the campus.
7.  Students are required to maintain not only good academic progress but also high discipline in the campus.
8.  Any indiscipline or misbehavior in class or in the campus or in the bus or even outside the campus would warrant disciplinary action against the student(s).
9.  Any kind of misuse of Internet, intranet or computer software, mobile, etc. is strictly prohibited.


It is the responsibility of the students:

• To maintain the campus eco-friendly
• To follow a decent dress code when they come to the campus along with ID-card is compulsory, and checking would be done at the security-gate. Surprise checking would also be done by the proctorial committee, as well as by the concerned faculty members of the respective class. Anyone found violating this rule would be fined on the spot.
• Not to deface or write anything on the walls / furniture.
• Not to sit on the parapet walls and flight of steps.
• To switch-off the Cell Phones during Class Hours, Laboratory Sessions, Library, and meeting places.
• To be punctual for all theory and laboratory classes as well as for guest lectures and meetings. To stay till the end of the Meetings/Seminars.
• To give due respect to prayer song, national anthem, faculty, staff and other elders.
• To extend good hospitality during programmes.
• To maintain a cordial relationship with others especially maintaining harmony in a multicultural environment.
• To conserve energy by switching off fans and lights when not in use.


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